Monday, 30th October, 2023

I had fun with the mac mini yesterday. I reinstalled Tiger from the CDs I burnt, although to the hard drive and not the SSD. It took a while but worked fine. Even did updates over the internet once it was installed! Things seemed to work reasonably well. The internet, due to ancient crypto things, didn’t. However, tenfourfox browser fixed that. It’s not been updated in 2 years and isn’t going to be but it’s fine for now. Was funny looking at the firefox UI from 2021. It’s changed quite a bit but I’d also forgotten how it looked.

I also installed Tinderbox version 3, which I figured out from looking on Mark Bernstein, the creator, told me which is the latest version that should run on Tiger/PPC, so I’ll try that out. I need to install the SSD and reinstall the OS. Hopefully that’ll speed things up, so that it’s not noticeably slow. It only has 1 GB of RAM and a 1.25 GHz PPC CPU from ~18 years ago.

Debating about the radio shack computer. The one I was thinking about getting a mac mini for. Well now I’m wondering if I should get a dedicated computer or just use my laptop. I saw a reasonable deal on a Dell 31.5” 4K monitor which I was going to pair with the computer. However, I don’t know if I really need to. Well I know I don’t need to, but how much do I want it?

What’s putting me off is that it’s a bit cold in the garage now (unsurprisingly). I sat in there last night taking part on the CQ WW DX contest, and had to wear a bug jumper, but my legs got cold, and so how much time am I really going to be spending in there? But equally, as it’s cold, I want to setup remote operation of it, and so then I’d want my laptop to remotely connect to the other computer!

I’d also rather spend the money on radio things vs. computer, and probably I don’t need a 4K monitor… a 27” 1440p is probably a good option and I’ll wait for a deal on one of those.

Think I just talked myself into getting a computer…let me see on ebay…

Oh dear, reading the reviews of MacDoppler, I want to get a mac (again) 😅

…and then I learnt/remembered about this software. Which is specifically for the radio I have…

I went to bed far too late last night.

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