Wednesday, 25th October, 2023

I’ve been browsing the tinderbox forums again. Tinderbox is an incredible tool, and I want to submerge myself into it. It could solve so many things. I can imagine myself becoming like Micheal Becker. When I get obsessed with something I’ll read, watch and research it endlessly.

At one time at work I’d use Spotfire to solve all problems. It wasn’t just Spotfire but several other databases and applications that all played their part and resulted in a great tool.

I don’t do that anymore and I’ve asked myself why. One part was competing with a friend to see who could make the smartest solution and we enjoyed learning from each other. Now I don’t have anyone like that and no one even seems to appreciate a good solution to a problem. So now I make crap spreadsheets, that are inefficient and waste so much time but I just live with them as I don’t care enough to do anything about it.

As I write this I think about all the other things I can complain about at work. But no one is really going to do anything about this except me. I have to make changes, set out goals and plans and then do them. Otherwise work will remain boring and I’ll waste my life there just counting down the years.

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