Tuesday, 24th October, 2023

I’ve never used tab groups in Safari until 10 minutes ago. Now I’m “why didn’t I do this sooner”. Gone of having 100 tabs on my phone open so I can remember something later. Now it’s multiple sets of 100 tabs.

But seriously, it’s useful.

I feel guilty. My wife and mother-in-law have taken all the kids off to get waffles and I was sufficiently grumpy at lunchtime to be asked if I wanted to stay here on my own. So I’m sat on a deck chair in the garden reading my book/writing this/looking at more ways to spend money in the bottomless pit that is ham radio.

Once I’m done here I should just put this down and read my book. Makes me feel better vs. wasting time on my phone.

Even though I decided, and was happy with the decision, that I should not get a Mac mini, I still think about it.

My sister in law has a mac and is on holiday with us. This is probably the reason why.

I’ve brought the Linux laptop with me and the kids are using it. I go on it and do think “ah this is how a desktop and computer should be”.

Maybe I just need one of each.

I also want a Voigtlander 50mm f/1.2 M mount…🥹

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