Monday, 23rd October, 2023

The kids are excited for Hallowe’en but I dread trick or treating. It’s always so awkward. The other year the weather was terrible so that decided it.

Started looking into how I might print this site. Given it’s a static generator I could build json or html pages, then load them into something else. I should look at book printing sites to see what they want. Even dumb stuff like a Word file would be fine. I suspect pandoc and latex would make it look nice. Even thought of DayOne.

I should figure it out so that by the end of the year I can print one of the past years. Maybe one per year or maybe just one for everything to date. I’ll see how big it is.

Reminds me of my satellite, QO-100, node red logging tool I was making. ie. something I start but then never finish, even if I have “great ideas” for it.

Do I keep liking radio as there’s a never ending number of rabbit hole I can go down and therefore buy stuff for? Should I try and concentrate on one thing or just enjoy trying all the rabbit holes?

I miss darkroom development of my films. Arguably the most boring part of a darkroom, but the joy of seeing a roll of frames appear as you take it out of the container is great. Never finished getting a scanning method. I sold the macro lens but never got anything in replacement. DSLR scanning wasn’t as great as I thought.

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