Wednesday, 11th October, 2023

Not been on here or general internet in a while. Not really sure what I’ve been doing. Started watching series 2 of Foundation on Apple. It’s easy watching. Actually been playing some computer games with a friend. Sea of Thieves and Rust. All multiplayer games where we mostly play whilst chatting, pretty much the only games I want to play these days, or Mario Kart with the kids.

That antenna I bought from a guy was fine but annoying and not what I wanted, so I spent more money and got what I wanted. It arrived today and I’ve yet to open it but even the package of it is much smaller and more practical to use. Should’ve done that the first time round.

Sort of want to buy another radio… 🙄 for satellite work but I also need more antenna and all sorts. Perhaps I should do one thing at a time and then see.

Want a mac for the shack too…

oh dear.

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