Friday, 6th October, 2023

Another week, again! ⌚💨

Meant to rain the whole weekend. Never going to get this conduit and coax up for the new radio shack.

A radio I really want, KX2, which is unobtainium, now seems to be available from a Swiss seller. Whilst I hyped myself up to buy it when it wasn’t available, now I’m not so sure I want/need it now that I could buy it. It’s probably circa £1500…which is a lot…and that’s the main issue. But it is pretty much an ideal radio. It’s not perfect but it’s one of the best portable radios. But do I need to buy it right now?

It’s like buying the M2 all over again. I don’t need it….but I want it and it is good…Maybe I’ll spend all night watching youtube videos on it and then email them at 11pm as I’ll have convinced myself I should just get it, one live once, blah blah. You email them to buy it, vs. an online cart so not fully committing…

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