Saturday, 9th September, 2023

Weather is amazing! 26 degrees today! Probably go to the beach later this afternoon.

Managed to repair my bike today. The bearings in the headset had seized and I couldn’t steer - just a minor problem… I did put in one of the bearings upside down and then wreck it, but luckily one of the old ones was still in good shape so I could use that. Should’ve looked at the drawing before I put it back together thinking “I know how this goes”.

Not sure on this IKEA garage arrangement now, it’s quite pricy and for what will essentially be a cobbled together collection of things. Now I’m wondering if doing a “kitchen” in there will be cheaper. Maybe some more research on all the parts. I’m leaning heavily towards having lots of drawers vs. shelving. I think it helps keep things more organised and looks tidy. Yet to show it to my wife though, who was “whatever you want”, but also “I need to see it before you buy stuff” 😅

Starfield computer game came out, and I can play it for free on xbox game pass. It’s like Fallout but in space and made by Bethesda, so should be good. Can’t decide if I should play it or not. Probably enjoyable but a waste of time? My alternative is go on the radio…or do some radio things that I have a bit list of.

Maybe I should take a film camera to the beach, given it’s brilliant sun light I could use some of the ISO 100 films I have at faster than f/1.4 1/60th..

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