Thursday, 24th August, 2023

I’ve been debating about pausing this blog, and instead writing on my new radio one in a more daily note style. It does lead me back into the quandary of Blog posts vs. waffling on semi-aimlessly. Perhaps at this stage a regular reader might point out that these two things are, in fact, the same!

Right now the blog is more “major” stuff, although I did write a more chatty post this evening, like I built X or first time doing Y. I kind of thing it would be interesting to do smaller details like, went on 40m this evening and spoke to OM for 20 minutes about X & Y. Almost more for myself than anyone else. But I worry it’ll pollute the blog and turn it into a mess. Why does this matter? I don’t know, some imaginary reader might not like it…but I’ll never know.

He’s a nice neat room, please admire it. But don’t open any cupboards.

Somewhat related was that I was thinking about adding more to my radio logs than just callsign and location etc. (in fact all I do is add callsign and frequency and the computer /internet does everything else automatically) but actually record what we talked about or some interesting fact about them that I learnt, or even just how I perceived them. This is perhaps too personal to put on a blog? Or maybe just do highlights.

I suppose it all comes back to what am I trying to achieve?

Now that’s a hard question.

Another reason is that I don’t really have time to do more than one blog, or I don’t want to spend the time of more than one blog as then I’ll never actually do anything else! Maybe I just keep the daily here and it can be more radio, and then keep the other blog for more useful(?) texts for others. I don’t know. Same issue different topic.

Wife got the FBI letter thing today, finally, which is good. HR let her start work when the term started pending sending it in when it arrived. So now she is all sorted. Seems to be enjoying it, or at least not hating it! I think because she’s a teacher at the local senior school, everyone in the area is going to know us. I think that’s great. I’ll probably never speak to anyone…I only talk to randoms 1000s of miles away 😅…but it’s nice for us to be part of the community.

Now that she’s at work, I’m keen to find excuses to work at home occasionally! Drop the kids at school, come back, do a bit of work, do a bit of whatever, but enjoy the peace and quiet.

Actually, I think I’ll keep this blog as is. Even though I am spending all my time on radio, I do think about other things and want to write them down, and maybe one day I’ll figure out how to turn this blog into a book or something for myself to re-read in years to come. The continuity of a long standing blog, seeing the multiple years folder structure is rewarding in itself. Yes, I still want to use tinderbox but that’s never going to happen.

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