Tuesday, 15th August, 2023

Oh I’ve made another blog…about radio…do I really need more blogs? It’s Wordpress, and to remind myself of why I should use Wordpress, I made a blog post on it from my phone. Why is that a big deal? Well because it was better than wasting my time looking at Reddit on my phone. I can write to this site on my phone too, and even have an Apple Shortcut to manage the git repo actions for me. However, adding a photo from my phone to my blog…now that’s where the Wordpress app (on server and phone) shines. So even though I don’t like having multiple blogs, I’m going to keep it because I hope it makes me write more things.

I still need to add the standard About, etc. pages, and pick a theme. Just using the stock 2023 WP theme and it’s fine but meh.

Spending ages with my satellite setup - got it working and made contacts and had good long chats with people on it, which was the reason for making it. Plus the fun of making it. Still a few odds and ends to sort out but hopefully nearly there.

Wife is starting a new job as a teacher next week. Been >10 years since she last worked. HR is a pain and the FBI are a pain. Yes, FBI. She needs a criminal record check from US as we lived there, and like all US processes it’s paper only and archaic. She has to send ink finger prints to them. It takes forever and they’ve rejected two submissions already (which we had the police here take her fingerprints and we started this 2 months ago). Think she’s convinced HR to let her start whilst the 3rd application is in the mail…although if that gets rejected I’m not sure what happens. I think if you’re a US citizen it is an easier process, although still have to submit fingerprints via the Post Office. Given every time we entered the country we had our fingerprints taken along with our passports and visas scanned, you’d think we could provide her name, SSN, DoB, passport number etc. and they could run a check…that’s how it happens in the UK.

Everything seems okay but there was a while (during our trip away no less) where it seemed like she might not be starting with the new term or might have the offer taken away. Plus we lost her AirPods that day…since been found and being posted back to us.

Makes my satellite technical issues seem irrelevant. Spoiler…they are.

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