Wednesday, 26th July, 2023

I missed yesterday’s Morse training, and was worried this was already the start of the decline. So this morning I didn’t look at any emails or anything online and just did my practice session. I could tell I’d missed a day as was rusty but after a few goes I got back into it. I do feel like I need to concentrate and not think of anything else at the same time, else I miss a letter and then am behind. The one thing I’m not sure about, which I’ll look up on the’s forums, is when do I move to a new letter? It says once you get to 90% copying then you can move on, but I’ve been trying to get 2 or 3 or more goes in a row where I achieve 90%. I’m just curious what others have found good. As the letters are random then it can be easier or harder depending on what you get.

Still feels somewhat impossible to remember about 40 characters. I’m on 8 at the moment.

I did go down a rabbit hole of looking at the IC-705 portable radio last night. Feeling the familiar self-convincing of why this radio was absolutely perfect for me to buy. So many reasons why I should get it and how it makes perfect sense. Just like the M10-P did…😅

Was chatting about it with my matrix ham group. Wasn’t entirely biased towards me getting it - you know, people always like it when other people buy things. A few people were for it, one was neutral and one had thought about getting it himself then decided it was too expensive and bulky and was a waste.

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