Sunday, 4th June, 2023

My daugther has commandeered the HomePod for her bedroom to listen to music on. I’m fine with that. I rarely used it for anything in the office, and I had it mostly to act as a Home base hub thing. Least she gets some use of it.

Did a mock test from the training manual and did quite well. Realised I didn’t understand a few things, which is always good to know. Spend some time figuring out transistor biasing, so feel more confident about calculations for that now. No doubt that question won’t come up in the exam.

Does make me want to learn electronics more. After this exam, assuming I hopefully pass, there’s nothing formal to learn. Unless I’m going to be designing and building things I suspect I’ll never touch the topic again.

The guy at work who passed all his exams and has yet to take a radio out of the box, is doing some remote degree in electronics. Not sure I want to go that far but does make you learn it if you have exams or assessments to do.

Also took some photos yesterday. Only about 20 of the kids and the garden but I’d gone over a month without taking a single one. Digital obviously, but nice to capture some playing in the garden on a sunny day. It’s sports day this week at the school, so I should take it for that.

When I’ll take another film photo I have no idea. I got a “members” promo email from a film store last week offering “great value” on Kodak Portra 160 5 pack. Members price of £65 vs. Retail of £80. I suppose it’s a good saving but it’s still much more than I want to spend.

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