Tuesday, 30th May, 2023

I’ve now read the whole manual and made notes on paper for it. Not counted but I think about 40 double sided of A4. I started re-reading them and saw stuff I’d completely forgotten about, and this is just over the past two weeks.

I wish something could turn those into anki flash cards for me, so I could quiz myself on my phone at various times instead of wasting it looking at Reddit.

I have booked the exam, but I’m worried it’s too soon now, and I’m going to be relying on luck of what questions show up.

I just watched a good video on setting up anki. The pasting in pictures and hiding areas using the add-on is amazing. Even just pasting in snips of text is helpful in quickly building anki cards. I wonder how quick I can make some cards. I’ll start with harder stuff

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