Monday, 29th May, 2023

I was making a cup of tea and thought something which I then thought I should write on here. I now don’t remember what that was.

My previous radio, the Xiegu G90, which I still have but don’t use, was remarkably simple. It had some good functions and was straight forward to use. The only “issue” is that’s it’s only 20W. My new radio is 100W, but oh so complex. It’s not complicated, but does have quite an array of functions and settings. A lot are set and forget, and it does have some nice features which make life easier.

I just haven’t got round to learning it yet. But it does make me appreciate the little G90 and it’s simple but effective interface. Even the waterfall was easy to understand and tune to. Whereas now the fancier waterfall is less obvious, to me, where to tune to. I guess if I’m upper side band I park the line to the left of the peak in the waterfall?

I’m still working my way through the 123 page manual.

The noise reduction is amazing though.

There’s no way getti no around the fact that antennas need to be placed up high. No matter how clever the design is, if it’s not up high it’ll beam everything into space.

And unfortunately our garden has no decent sized trees.

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