Saturday, 20th May, 2023

My friend passed his intermediate licence yesterday which was good. He’s keen on getting to full, so that’ll encourage me to do mine. I’ve started reading the book. Debating if I should book the test now so it forces me to read it. I did that last time, although I didn’t get myself much time and it was a bit of rush.

I’ve not opened dynalist on my phone in such a long time that it had been offloaded and had to be installed again. I looked at my 2023 goals. Radio didn’t feature at all other than going to the local club meet as a way to get off the computer. However, it has done a great job of getting me off the computer. Everything else is a mix of doing it, like reading and generally going to bed at a reasonable time, and not done anything whatsoever - such as exercising beyond my cycle commute.

At work we’re doing a step challenge for May and June. It’s funny how now at lunchtime a huge number of staff are out walking! My team isn’t doing that well but it’s nice having a lunchtime walk with people.

Got the parts to build my 20m 1/4wave portable vertical antenna. Still need to decide/think about what I’m doing with my home one. Wife still doesn’t like it but is tolerating it for the time being. I might just move it so it’s not in line of sight from the kitchen. That might help get it out of mind…

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