Wednesday, 10th May, 2023

Well after all that song and dance on callsigns, none of them were available when I came to apply this morning! 🤦‍♂️ I spent a while trying other ones to find some.

In the end went with 2M0RVM, slightly different from my current suffix RVP. Now to update the various online log systems.

Guess I need to buy a new radio now to make use of the 50W I have 😅 I have already picked it…just debating do I want to actually buy it…

Went for a walk last night and took my handheld. Was calling the repeater and CQ frequency but no response. Then I decided to try out 70 cms and it just so happened to be a local net going on. I wasn’t really sure how to break in, so I listened for about 20 minutes. Whilst the old guys lamented over printer issues and describing the minutiae of their day. They were about to go, and so I just blurted out my callsign. Anyway, had a nice chat with them. I could hear one just fine but the other was a bit spotty. Made me think I need to setup a 2m/70cms antenna and radio at home to chat locally.

I like looking at people’s QRZ profile pages. The two locals were no different and had all the details of their setup. They have quite a lot of equipment and invested a lot in it! But I suppose that’s like all hobbies.

Was chatting to my friend online last night who is also recently licenced. We were talking about antenna setups. He then revealed that the big field surround his house was owned by his parents. I was like “wtf are you doing? Get a huge mast up there!”.

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