Tuesday, 9th May, 2023

I have to pick a new callsign for my next licence. This is turning out to be harder that I thought. Mostly as I over-analyse it. There’s how does it look, sound phonetically, sound normally, the morse weight (even though I probably won’t learn morse until I’ve got my full licence, if at all.), and then my perception of how people will hear it. i.e. weak signals struggle with soft vowel starting words like india, or the single syllable ones get lost, e.g. mike. I had a contact with a guy in Clarksville, Tennessee, and he could not hear my Mike Mike, ended up thinking it was Golf Mike (which is also a valid UK callsign). However, some of those only matter when multiple letters are said together. I think 2-1-2, like B-M-B sounds okay. Also on the morse side there are “rules” to avoid certain letters as they get confused easily or mixed up or lost. These rules are probably more correct than the “sounds like” ones.

All this plus the fact that many have been taken, so I’m working from a semi-accurate list of what’s available based upon the last request for the list of taken callsigns. So I could do all this and then find someone else has taken the one I want since!

Plus if I decide to continue to a full licence, I’ll get to do it all over again!! So why fret now…

The current short list is:

  • 2M0ZOE (Daugther’s name. not sure if allowed, ending ‘E’ is a big no-no with morse as E is dit and can get lost)
  • 2M0XPG (just like the sound of it)
  • 2M0AMG (shortest morse code)
  • 2M0GMR (like the sound of it)
  • 2M0MBM (maybe I don’t like this now)
  • 2M0MOM (looks funny momom)
  • 2M0MOO (🐮)
  • 2M0MDX (Came up in my filter for ones containing M and X, seemed okay, not so sure now)
  • 2M0AJJ (My initials)
  • 2M0AJR (Like my initials)
  • 2M0ALX (Name)
  • 2M0WMZ (Sounds good)
  • 2M0ABZ (local airport code)

For various reasons. The intermediate call sign starting with a 2x0 is terrible anyway, so I shouldn’t worry. ALX is almost my name, so maybe that’ll do.

I think these three letter repeating ones are available:

  • 2M0III
  • 2M0JJJ
  • 2M0QQQ

K is also available but I doubt it’s registerable. Q might not be either. I don’t like “india” or “juliett” really. Q might be okay but Quebec is a bit of a tricky one.

Might just go for my name after writing all of this.

After everyone being ill and mostly all recovered, I’m wondering if I’m now starting to feel ill or is it just in my head?

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