Sunday, 7th May, 2023

I’ve fallen behind on doing our DayOne journal. After quite a good year last year, I feel this year is quite lacking. Big gaps and even exciting events and weekends often get missed. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter but I’m sad I’ve not been keeping up with at least the trips away or other events.

Spent ages trying out a carbon fibre pole I have with the antenna. I was hoping to use it to raise the other end higher off the ground. Unfortunately, the pole is too flexible and if I try to use it near the top it just bends over so much (that I fear it snapping again) or if I move the connection further down, to the stronger parts, there’s not actually any benefit. So I put it back to using the little tree we have in the garden. I think I managed to get it 6” higher in the tree, although pushing it’s limits and I may find that one day I go into the garden and the tree as broken…

Really need a more substantial fibreglass one, with thick walls.

I started looking at vertical antennas, particularly the Hustler vertical. It’s not small though, still 7 odd metres high, and probably needs radials - wires on the ground running outwards. With some people recommending 3m away or more. Then I read that some people didn’t find it that great for transmit.

The other question is do I get a new transceiver now, as I’ve passed intermediate and so can use 50W (vs. The max of 20W my current one can output), or do I just stick to 20W and then when I pass full, get a new one. I worry I’d be tempted to sneak the power up just to see if I can make a contact, before I’m allowed to! 😅 Although 50W could make more of a difference. I’m also not sure if I should as, am I really going to get into this. It feels like it so far, but I’m still early and chasing down the higher licence levels. However, once I get to full will that be it? I don’t think so, as I think I’ll then want to build things and mess about with all sorts of other stuff (although most don’t need full licence to do this). Plus my wife is still not keen on the wire across the garden. I’m just not sure what alternative antenna I could/should get. Other than a ridiculously large wall mounted mast on the side of the house, but that’ll need planning permission and be very expensive.

I do want to raise the current wire and see how much improvement that makes, and then with additional power, I wonder if I can make voice contacts with the far east and Australia.

Oh dear, two kids and my wife have some vomiting sick bug. Everyone was up all night. The others had it last week. So far I’m the only one who’s managed to escape it so far. I’m constantly washing my hands now.

Now that I’ve sat down, I feel tired.

My friend has been playing Transport Fever 2. It’s very much like Transport Tycoon. I loved that game. Absolute classic, and timeless too. With the release of OpenTTD (in about 2003), it’s going to be around forever. TF2 looks good, but it seems awfully close to a game of chores. Plus it’s not multiplayer, and I really only like multiplayer games these days. Mostly to chat and play at the same time. Transport Tycoon is multiplayer.

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