Thursday, 13th April, 2023

I see two new monochrome cameras today! The astronomically priced Leica M11M and the more moderately priced Pentax K-3 DSLR. I’d like to have a monochrome camera but no way can I justify one, when 99% of the time, a B&W filter is good enough for me. I assume the M11M can resolve a million ISO and with 60 MP can see the atoms themselves.

My radio transceiver arrived yesterday, although yet to even take it out of the box. I need the power supply, which should be arriving tomorrow, and then I’ll have everything. Maybe this weekend I’ll get around to setting it all up. Need to make up some coax with connectors too. I do worry that I’ll set it all up, fiddle about for an afternoon/evening and then get bored and move onto something else!

I go back and forth between learning to take the higher level exams, and looking into contests and other such things. I guess I’ll set it up and see how it all goes. I think I have a reasonable plan to cable it into the office, which would make it more comfortable to use, rather than sat outside or an ad-hoc setup in the kitchen.

I envy people who get into a hobby and stick with it for ages. I will touch on things, get obsessed, buy lots of stuff, then after a short period of time stop and move onto something else. I tell myself if I didn’t have to work, I’d have more time to do all these things.

I’m not that excited about the local radio club either. Maybe I need to give it more time but chatting to people online is just as useful to me so far. Other than borrowing equipment or having someone come and do something, I’m not really sure how useful it is.

My sister is staying with us and showed me her bullet journal. My goodness. It’s like those ones you see on instagram. It looks lovely, and her writing is beautiful, with fun stickers and drawings and all sorts.

Found out someone at work is doing a data science masters over about 5 years. I’ve thought about that. Not sure why though. Doing real projects is probably more useful, but if I wanted to stay in the same industry but switch roles, then a degree is seen as more relevant as that’s how companies whose business is not software dev think. Maybe? I also want to do it for me, and having that pressure means I’d do something. However, it’ll be time and money.

I’m feeling the need to refresh personal annual goals and desires for this year. Mostly as I’ve not really been doing anything? Feels that way anyway. Although not sure what I want to do. With my sister staying I’ve not been on the computer in the evening. Other than some occasional admin thing, I’ve not really wanted to go on. She leaves tomorrow, and I feel like I should capitalise on this - either some reading, writing, or making coax.

Wife’s grandpa passed away a few weeks ago, both went in a short space of time (<2 months), and we were at their house with family for a celebration. Now the clear out and house selling starts. We don’t have to do anything but it’s a weird situation of flipping from sadness to talking about who wants what furniture etc. from the house. Wife has asked about a writing bureau, which I quietly would very much like for us to get. We’ll see.

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