Friday, 31st March, 2023

Bought a new book today: “The Price of Money”. It’ll go live with the other books I’ve bought this year that I’m not sure when I’ll read. Non-fiction ones that I should pay attention to and read during the day, vs. Fiction stories for going to sleep to. We’re away for the Easter holidays so I should take some with me and read them but not sure I’ll really have time to sit and read. Also still want to make notes on them.

I did get a pack of A4 lined paper for writing on, and a ring binder to put them in.

Listening to podcasts about amateur radio now. A good summary of transceivers today “all modern radios are good. Pick one which has a nice dial or knob that you like”, also “waterfalls/spectrums are really nice to use”. Still can’t decide if I want to do this hobby at all, or is it just a passing fad. I sort of want to still progress the licence bands but I don’t know.

Some of the kids are ill and was up in the night, so I’m tired and that generally makes me less inclined to do anything.

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