Saturday, 11th March, 2023

My parents are staying and have to leave a day early. Notice how I’m not saying unfortunately.

The Mac mini arrived and worked. Looks like the guy was using it as his machine and just deleted files but left all his software. Imagine using it as your main computer still! Running Mac OS Panther. Currently gouging out the underside trying to get it open to upgrade the RAM.

Friend and I are trying to decide what HF (high frequency, 3-30 MHz) transceiver to buy. It feels like picking a camera. No single one is perfect and they all have trade offs and differing prices. I’m also aware of myself thinking “but what if I need to do xyz with it?!”. I suspect the same number of times I’ve done portrait sessions and sports photography.

The transceiver is probably the easiest part. What antenna to build is the tricker one. Although they’re much much cheaper in comparison so probably should just pick one and start with it and then try another.

Need to order a msata to IDE PATA 44 pin adapter to put a ssd in the G4 mini. I think the msata is a different size to the nvmes I have, it certainly looks smaller. The 2280 or 2820 or whatever those numbers are.

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