Wednesday, 8th March, 2023

Another day working at home.

Spent ages looking at amateur radio stuff. End up with about 100 tabs open and read and watch lots of things but still feel no further forward with knowing anything.

Won a Mac mini G4 on eBay. £25. Plan to install Mac OS 9 on it for some classic mac. Maybe upgrade it or just leave as is. Seems like there are SSD options via a ATA IDE to m2 pci msata adapter in the size of a 2.5” drive. Although Mac OS 9 can only handle up to about 190 GB, so a 128 GB one will be fine and likely super cheap. Just so it’s not super slow from the ancient mechanical hard drive. It can go up to 1 GB RAM and comes with 256 but feel like I can manage without that. I’ll look at the price and if it’s really cheap then I will but if it’s some odd old size that’s £30 to upgrade then it’s not worth it.

It’ll probably turn into a once and done project but there we go. Will need to buy a CD-R as I assume I can’t boot from a USB? Have to look into that.

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