Tuesday, 7th March, 2023

What a lot of snow today! ☃️ That was unexpected.

I’ve found a new ham radio friend via a work colleague’s husband. He’s been doing this for over 40 years! I dropped him an email and he’s replied and offered all sorts of help and advice. I want to go to the local meetup but it’s not at a great time for me. Maybe I can sort that out soon. Otherwise he’s invited me to his house to see all his setup. I’ll try and act cool and not reveal the exorbitant number of hours I’ve read forums and watched youtube videos (yet still don’t understand anything)!

Thinking of HF (high frequency), like 10m/28 MHz, as it seems the solar winds and sunspots or whatever are such that transmission across the Earth is really good at the moment. People with small radios in the UK reaching America, Australia, Argentina, all sorts. I think that would be fun.

PCBWay emailed me, having noticed my blog 😘, offering to sponsor a PCB or 3D print for the next project, with the return of offering a review to them. Ah if only they knew how few people I reach 😅. But a free PCB is not to be sneezed at. Have to see what I want to do…wondering if I could use someone else’s PCB and upload it for another project…

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