Monday, 6th March, 2023

Best save up and wait for the M3 macs. Also gives me time to work out why I need it.

Spent a while thinking of building a new computer or a raspberry pi arrangement in the shell of an old mac, like a Macintosh Plus, or buying some Power mac G4 to run Mac OS 9. However, I then asked myself why and whilst it would be fun for a brief moment, I’d end up with more junk that wasn’t really that useful. Think I still have a winning bid on something but I won’t be upping it if someone else out bids me.

I do have fond memories of Mac OS 9. My family didn’t have a mac but some of my friends at school did and we played a lot of Warcraft 3 and other games together. I found the interface so amazing compared to the Windows 3.11 I’d used or the Acorn whatever we had at school. The computers were priced far out of reach for us at the time. I enjoy the memories of it, and seeing the distinct styling of mac os back then really brings those memories to the front of my mind. However, to use it today as a computer, there’s no point. It probably can’t do things I need it to, and everything is just harder. Maybe if there was some specific piece of software that I wanted to use which was no longer available then maybe…i think if I came into owning a vintage mac for free or very little cost, I’d put in some effort, but to spend >£100 on it seems dumb. Spending £1,500 on a new mac however….😅

If I want a quick nostalgia experience then there’s and if I’m more serious and have a modern mac then there’s emulation. Or there’s a variety of themes for GNOME that I can use to replicate it.

Love this issue comment.

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