Saturday, 4th March, 2023

Volunteered (by my wife) for the playgroup fair today. I was on face painting duty with a granny. My! that was an intense 2½ hours! We did about 70 faces between us for kids aged 2-8. I had prepared some print offs for the kids to chose from, all of them were pretty good, except the unicorn. That was the one I spent the longest over trying to find something that was too hard, or wouldn’t look weird if I didn’t it get perfect. I settled for a small unicorn on the cheek with rainbow - it didn’t look that bad…I did three of them but they weren’t that great. However, everyone seemed to like it and we brought in a good amount of money for the charity. Another mum brought me cups of tea and I only stood up when it was over!

I know I like the idea of using Tinderbox more than I probably will (remember last time…circa January 2022)…It is very much a tool I’d like to use. I like software that you can build systems and tools out of. I reckon it could solve every problem, and I’d love to get stuck right into it and become one of those forum knowitalls who can offer advice or the seven ways OP could solve their problem in Tinderbox. However, I think I’m 10 years too late to the party and have found other ways that work on the computers I already have. Or maybe I should spend my time learning something that can be used in lots of places. Like django or javascript or some other programming language/framework.

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