Friday, 3rd March, 2023

Took huge amounts of stuff to a charity store to donate today. They didn’t take books, but we only had one box of those, but got rid of so much other stuff. Bliss 🥳 I might try one of these online book buying places just to get rid of them. Don’t care if they give me 10p a book, just want rid!

Bought some stickers and notebook for my sister’s birthday next week. Have to resist the temptation to keep them for myself! They’re quite feminine so maybe I won’t but I choose them as I liked them, so never say never.

Might even write a “real” blog post today.

I want to do something different, but it’s hard breaking the habit. 🌐🕸🎮🤖💻🖱️💽🦾🖥️⌨️💾👨‍💻👩‍💻🧑‍💻📶📱🤳

Wow! A letter and photo every day]! I notionally said I’d do one a week and have yet to make even one.

Absolutely want to use Tinderbox. (watch it at 1.25x speed!)

I’m debating removing comments and search from this site. I don’t think they’re necessary. I’ve had one comment in the whole time and the search isn’t that great. I’ve thought about trying to fix it but never got round to it. If I want to search, I can use VS Code, where I mostly write this, but I’m also considering importing the notes into a new Tiddlywiki. I have a json file that jekyll builds which I should be able to import straight into TW. I might just try it now…

It works pretty well!

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