Thursday, 23rd February, 2023

I enjoyed watching George Ezra walk from Land’s End of John O’Groats. Particularly the midge at Loch Lomond, as I’ve had some terrible experiences there with those bloody flies. Starting itching all over when I saw it 😅

Made me want to go outside and enjoy the world and nature.

I’ve started buying a couple of books every so often, mostly used, to read, or at least to have the option of reading at some point. I had this funny logic about buying things, where I’d think a £8 book was a waste of money, and then drop £500 on a lens. So I’m trying to change that by not buying lenses I don’t really need, but instead spend a fraction of the money on books. I also like selling random things on ebay, even for £10-15, and then buying 1-2 books with the proceeds. I’m converting useless junk into knowledge.

Not that I’ve read anything yet.

Had my first bubble tea last night. Daughter’s birthday and she wanted one, having no doubt seen various people on YouTube drink them. We had dirty milk and tapioca. Was quite large, and also expensive (although I don’t buy coffee from starbucks etc. so maybe it’s “normal” prices), and had an interesting taste. Not sure I’d want a whole one myself. It’s quite a fun drink and maybe better than getting a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

Faffed about all evening meaning to write my job application but instead spent it chatting to a friend, then at 11pm I decided I’d start working on it. 🤷‍♂️

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