Saturday, 18th February, 2023

I never figured out what note taking app to use at work yesterday. Thinking about Tiddlywiki but still Onenote. OneNote is boring and walled, but I’m at work so why does that matter? It’s good for screenshotting stuff people show during teams meetings too.

Want to clear out all my camera stuff that I don’t use and get rid of the clutter. Maybe it’ll be enough to get a Leica 50mm lens, which would be satisfying. In fact, what I should do this afternoon, whilst the kids are out at a birthday party, is tidy the office and line things up to sell/get rid of.

Also thinking about setting up plain text accounting again. Beancount and fava…although not sure it helps achieve me understanding where the money is spent?

Spent the past 90 minutes tidying and sorting out the office. Oh it feels so much better now. Many things just went back where they were, but at least I got to dust and clean the surfaces. I’ve cleared the camera shelf. It’s now just the M2, X-E4 and one Fuji lens. The rest is in a box on a shelf under the desk. So not far away to get but out of the way. They don’t look that great on the shelf and get dusty. I also think it’ll help me avoid decisions as unless I need a specific lens then probably the one I have on the shelf is good enough. Does make me question if I need the M mount 50mm…of course I don’t need it…but do I get one? Again, I think a cheap-ish one would be nice to have as an option.

The shelf is 80% empty, and I’ve put a few books on it that I got for Christmas that have just sat on the desk since then. I could move some of my other books that are on book cases about the houses here, or maybe just leave them and have it as an incentive to buy some more 🤓

I tidied the kids pokemon cards into a box on the ground level shelves. This makes the shelves look a look tidier too, plus they can get them easier now. I have cleared my little writing spot, and I’m sat here now typing this on the ipad and it’s very enjoyable. I could do with a couple of i-device chargers in a couple of places across the desk top, so things have a home to charge. Unless I get one of those multi device charger stations for in here. We have one in the kitchen for family devices but maybe I should get one here for extra stuff.

I even managed to clear out some cables from the cable box.

Maybe it’s just fooling myself as a lot of things are still here just in a box somewhere out of sight. But i feel better, so who cares.

Now that I have my writing desk area back, I’m thinking about the note taking/book reading I’d promised myself I’d do. Still not sure about paper vs. Computer. Also notebook vs. Loose leaf pages. Perhaps a little index box to write and add things into? (Or bit bigger than index) but I worry that it just ends up being another thing I have to find a home for. I suppose I could just write onto A4 paper and put in a binder. Like I used to do at university. I didn’t fuss or care about pens and paper and notebooks back then. I bought a huge stack of narrow lined A4 paper and I had a Parker fountain pen and just wrote notes.

I’m sure my membership to the Leica society should’ve got me a magazine by now.

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