Sunday, 29th January, 2023

I thought about bringing my camera to the skate park with the kids but couldn’t be bothered. I regretted it when we arrived.

I did get the soldering iron out and redo the GPIO pins on the pi zero. I couldn’t really tell if it helped or not. I should find the multimeter and see if I can test them.

Isn’t it adorable.

I think lists need some improvement CSS-wise on this site. I originally wanted very little extra stuff on this site, but I think a bullet or something would help readability. Not that the font and everything is that great but I like it. Also thinking about getting rid of the search feature. I never use it, I doubt anyone else does, it also doesn’t show things in date order (when I’m sure it should) and as the site grows the single js or json or whatever it was grows with it. If I’m looking for something, I’ll use VS Code to search, but if it’s something of interest for the future it should go into the wiki.

I like Jack’s paper world. It feels like you need lots of time for it though.

One reason why I like tinderbox so much is that everyone who uses it, and posts online in someway, are all genuinely nice people. Maybe because they’re probably >50, and so have the wisdom of life, but maybe also as it takes patience to use the tool.

We used to have metal blinds in the kitchen, and every so often I’d hear a noise that sounded like the blinds moving slightly. I assumed it was the string slowly stretching and then the blinds moving and so making the noise. We recently got rid of all the blinds but still the noise happens. I guess it must be the radiators, as there’s nothing else in the area where the sound comes from.

I bought a year of Game Pass Ultimate for £25. Seemed good value and meant I can try out all those games that look interesting but I don’t actually want to buy. Things like “lawn mowning simulator” or “random indie puzzle game”. Things that are fun for a couple of evenings but that’s it, and I don’t want to spend £5-£15 on a go. £25 is like a semi-decent game on sale a year after it came out, and there are currently 440+ games on Game Pass, including some newly released ones. It also has various promos associated, so I can get yet another 3 months free of AppleTV once the current promo expires!

The smartest thing in the gaming world is certainly from Microsoft. You can buy an Xbox on installments, which also includes Game Pass. I think it’s $20/month for 2 years. For an average household with kids wanting to play it, I don’t think you could find something better or cheaper. No big layout at Christmas, no nagging for games, and if they pay attention they can use the Rewards Points for playing games and Bing searches to pay for Game Pass after the 2 year period. Not sure why Sony and Nintendo don’t have a similar thing. But perhaps they still sell enough and make pots of money without it, so why would they?

Success! My soldering fixed both the pi zero GPIO headers, and the keys that weren’t working on my stupid, never going to use, why did I bother, cool looking keyboard. Now all I have to do figure out how the e-ink display works and what I want and then make it. The “simpliest” thing seems to be to make a website of what I want, then script a screenshot of it and push it to the display. It could do with a stand though.

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