Thursday, 30th December, 2021

Didn’t get round until later than I wanted but have started watching Micheal Becker’s video series on Tinderbox. It’s funny that he started this series exactly 1 year ago! There’s a lot of them, and I keep thinking “oh that’s a good thing” but know I’ll forget by tomorrow. However, having it all wash over me as an overview gets me thinking about how I’ll do stuff.

Tinderbox makes for a great blogging tool, but I’m hesitant to change this site from a static gen, as it’s quite free and open to use it. I can also just edit it anywhere with git and a text editor or However, I’ve been struggling with tagging or adding some meta data that makes it useful as a reference, even just for future me.

By putting it into Tinderbox I can then link it with other info, e.g., and now see the full story. For public viewers of the website, I could even add tags to each entry as an attribute. Now how I would wrangle that attribute in html I’m not sure, I suppose I’d build an archives like page per tag and link each entry underneath. Or could make a json file or something which could be searched? I have no idea how that even gets done but I’ll worry about it later. The point is, I’m sure it could be done in Tinderbox, whereas here it’s a bit messy with the current implementation or very complex with an alternative…i.e. writing a structured document (XML, JSON, OPML etc.).

Just 19.5 hours to go…

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