Monday, 27th December, 2021

I’ve setup WebDAV on my server, and am using 1Writer on my iPad/iPhone to write to my new plain text journal/daybook thing. I wasn’t really sure what to call each file or even how to structure them. I guess I’ll see how it goes. 1Writer is nice though. Started looking at some of the javascript actions to see if there’s anything useful.

WebDAV with nginx was a bit of a pain. Seems nginx is strict and most clients (including Finder and Windows explorer…oh you know the two largest clients) don’t do what they’re supposed to do. Namely trailing slashes for new directories. Random blog posts yielded nginx rewrites to fix it. Probably some other issues but for now it works fine. Much cheaper than dropbox…

Still trying to ignore Jack’s fun with Tinderbox, doing all sorts of clever tricks.

I can’t buy a Ricoh GRiii as I think it’s too expensive, but then look at a Leica Q2M and think “oh a new one is only £4,995”. 🙈

Hooking up this blog to 1writer might be a nice idea. I guess that means buying Working Copy app…or cloning the repo into the webdav folder on the server then somehow commiting the new entries. I can SSH in but maybe some shortcut thing that calls a script or API to then do it…🤔 sounds overly complex…

This holiday I’ve finally deleted Outlook and teams apps from all my devices. I don’t missing checking work emails at all but if the app is there then I can\t help but open it. There is a certain expectation, because so many people do it though, that everyone can and does access their emails all the time.

My wife is thinking about stopping all social media in the new year. Think that’s facebook and instagram for her. I think it’ll be good. Her brother was telling us that he gave up his phone whilst on holiday for a week. That’s even better! My bad habits are reddit and forums, which I do read a lot of on my phone. In my head those are better than “social media” but think I’m lying to myself. Reddit especially. BUT I do think I learn things from them…learning of new cameras and lenses I need to buy 😅

Not really sure how to use the tags in these posts. I want to keep it to the main ones but that’s hard. Maybe I should just delete them again as it’s a thing to stop and think about.

Writing all these blogs and journals sure does take up a lot of time…What I need is one place to do everything…lol yeah that old chestnut. Actually one place to write everything is fine and easy. It’s the parsing and rendering that’s tricky. Family log, weblog, personal journal, … Makes me think of some text with attributes such that I can just write everything and anything and then mark that section as one of the logs, then the text goes off to wherever it needs to be. I bet Tinderbox would be great for that 🤩

Some automation might help. Or writing paragraphs with certain characters appended. I suppose if I didn’t want any automation (or it was too finicky) a weekly review process could be taking those pieces and splitting them up manually - a bit slow for a daily notes blog - but fine for everything else. I guess family and personal are split as I want to use DayOne for family log so it’s easy to print. However, is it really that hard to print text otherwise? There’s no photos but maybe I should just print those out and stick in a book (like I’ve talked about before but never done anything), and I could even print out the text I wrote to stick in - if I’m too lazy to hand write it again. I quite like that idea. I also like the idea of buying the 1-line per day 5 year journal book, just there’s not much scope for pictures.

This script is great for a single file journal. Mines only a few lines long but I’ve “headered” the year, month and day so now I can jump around. Might tweak it or my formatting for just down to month level as it could get a lot. Or add the year to months.

Or this script.

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