Sunday, 26th December, 2021

Film development kit and chemicals

No excuses now. Well I’m sure I can come up with some to put off actually doing it. Probably 4x5 is going to be easier to start with? I can take two frames and then develop them vs. waiting for a whole roll of 35mm.

Might give my X-700 to my cousin who is starting a photograph course at college. Not sure if they’ll use film cameras and probably wants or already has a digital one which is a lot more convenient. I hope she’s doing it because she likes photography. Anyway, it’s that or sell on ebay and maybe I could get £50 for it. Or it sits on my shelve and never gets used. I still have the SRT-100x (or whatever number it is), in case I want to use a SLR but I can’t see why I’d just not use the M2 all the time - which is what I do. So hopefully she can get some use from it.

I think tagging every day with daily notes isn’t really necessary. I should either get rid of them or maybe add tags that are relevant to the topics contained within. Means I should go back and remove this tag from the rest of the posts.

Think I’m over my obsession with Tinderbox now. Mostly as I’ve come to realise (once again) that the system and orchestration is secondary to the actual act of writing - be it public or private. I put a lot of effort into this site and generally it’s fine. Okay, so I don’t get permalinks to each paragraph but so what. If I want more “features” I can make them with includes in Jekyll instead of post attributes, but most of the time that doesn’t matter.

I think just a couple of plain text files is all I need, then I can sync via some service or git and then use a variety of apps across any OS and platform to edit it.

I think the following would be good:

  • A recap summary file
    • Either weekly or monthly, with a few bullets beneath each section
    • Separate so that it forces me to distill down into notable items.
  • Daily log file
    • Probably one per year
    • Just write whatever in it
    • I’ve seen people do a daily file and then a running 1 line per day log but, think I’d rather do a bigger daily one and then weekly summaries.

I’m thinking text files vs. tiddlywiki as text files give me more options to use different apps - particularly keen to have something more native on iOS. Also if I want to do any automation then text is easier to work with. It does now mean there’s an endless number of apps and syncing configurations I’ll distract myself with, vs. just a single web app.

After reading this, I now think the one line per day might also be good.

I rearranged all the posts on this site into year/month subfolders. Makes it a lot nicer to manage. Conveniently, Jekyll doesn’t care about the subfolders. Although it was hard to find information about this out. Seems everyone wants to use the subfolders to do something (like categories). So I was confident, plus it would be one git roll back if it didn’t work.

Not sure I like classic chrome look on Fuji anymore. It’s…grungy…or perhaps I’ve just used it so much I’ve had enough of it. On the other hand, however, I really like the Acros black and white. I shall have to fiddle with the colour profiles and see what I can find.

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