Thursday, 23rd December, 2021

If I want to use the mac more, then I should move it to the main computer area and then I’d use it. Daughter is on the other computer so I’m using it today. I definitely think a single monitor would be better. I just hate selling old monitors - no-one really wants to spend that much and shipping them is a real hassle. Trying to sell local means I get nothing for it. I suppose I could just keep them in case of something later and put them in the attic. The Apple Cinema ought to get a decent price as it’s Apple. Sort of makes me want to get an Apple 27” Thunberbolt display, however, they seem to cost more than a new Dell 27” and the Dell is probably better. I don’t need the magsafe charging so would be a waste.

Someone bought the broken trackpad from me. People will buy anything.

After I don’t know how long, okay I looked it up, I started this 31st October, so nearly 2 months ago, I’m opening back up Head First Javascript book. I’m sat at the mac, and it’s open! On to Chapter 2…

Trying to find that date on this site was impossible, the wiki, however, made it very easy! Okay, I’m just distracting myself with this. I should promise to stop talking about this and never do it again. I guess I’ll give myself until the end of the year then I don’t want to hear about should I write in x or y ever again. This site is just like a river. You side beside it and enjoy watching it go past but once it’s gone you don’t try and go searching through it. If you look away, so be it. The river flows and that’s that. If you’re really dedicated I suppose you can drive further downstream and pick up what you missed.

Rather than spending 20 hours learning about Tinderbox, surely I should spend that time learning emacs or vim.


I’ve been watching videos on emacs this evening. I’m currently debating between emacs and Tinderbox for my personal journal and maybe all-in integrated everything tool. Not sure why I’ve focused just down to these two tools but they seem suitable for doing everything I want. The problem is they’re both not straight forward, and warrant a good amount time to invest to learn them and use them well. So I really only want to pick one. Both are not with disadvantages, I don’t want to write all the pros and cons of each and so just going to pick out random things. It’s also my view - which is definitely going to suffer from my ignorance of both tools.


Mac Only. $250. These are the main issues. It also appears weird on first opening but I suspect a few videos and I’ll be fine.

From the brief and random browsing of the forum and videos, it appears pretty powerful and I assume being a GUI app there’s a lot that can be done without resorting to coding but you can still write some code if you want. It’s like the more recent tools, roam etc., have just a subset of Tinderbox’s features.

It has so much, like emacs, but I hope it’s more accessible to use, and therefore quicker to learn.

This and these screenshots make me want to use it.


Free, and open source, cross platform, and a legend of computer science. Just seems so hard to get going. Basically rely on Doom-Emacs otherwise I’ll be forever in the config not knowing what I don’t know. It’s technically superior but I also don’t care. I really don’t want to have to remember between buffers and frames and windows. However, if stock doom works well then why not use it? Problem is if stock doesn’t work well then I have to dive into config and lisp. I just have no interest in that. Most of the time I just use stock defaults on stuff because I’m not going to be a power user in it. I like VS Code as I can just install some extensions and go. I click a few more buttons. Occasionally I’ll remember a new shortcut but most of the time I forget the shortcuts.

Org mode is likely the best of its kind. However, I don’t want/need todos or calendar or probably a lot of it so it’s wasted on me.

Oh well that quickly descended into a no. I’m a GUI tool user but appreciate config if I need it.

Although it did make me think of vim. I’ve learnt a few vim keybindings, mostly when editing config files on servers. Possibly sometime like vimwiki. Think it has a daily log. Although I don’t want a wiki. I have that already. I want a notes tool that integrates my life. Tiddlywiki could probably do it too but not sure it’s the same (as Tinderbox).

Oh I can get 25% off Tinderbox with code Winterfest2021…hmmm…

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