Wednesday, 22nd December, 2021

View of my office

Finally setup the Mac Mini with its own monitors. Not sure I like the two monitors for the mini, the space is a bit tight and the black one eats into the typewriter area. I think a single 27” would be better. Also way too much stuff in here but not sure where else to keep it. I did this as my daughter wants to use the main computer, and now it’s the christmas holidays there’s a lot more time when we both want to use a computer. Makes me think about the laptop arrangement like Jack as moved to…although I like big or multiple monitors so not sure that’s a good option for me. I often wonder what my “perfect setup” would be. I can never decide.

I found this blog when browsing the Tinderbox forums. It’s made in Tinderbox and is a general daily notes site. Dave, the owner, likes photography and doesn’t like what social media has become. His site is 8 years old. I really like it. Makes me want to use Tinderbox. Although that doesn’t really make much sense. Also my mac is not my main machine, unless I change my habits, and so it’ll be hard to maintain. Least this is cross platform. Also not sure I want to spend $250 on some software. I’ll watch all the videos and then decide.

I thought about writing a summary of this year. Problem is, I can’t really remember what I did for large parts of it. I remember bits and pieces but not 365 days worth of things. Made me realise the benefit of journalling. Not that I journal for myself. I have a family one in DayOne that’s more for what we all did together, or notable things from the kids. Haven’t been the greatest at keeping it up to date but reasonable. Generally weekends or holiday periods are more populated. It’s something so I don’t mind. This and the wiki site of public journal/thoughts started August 6th. It’s a partial insight into what I did. But there’s still two issues:

  • I should write weekly and monthly summaries as I’m not reading 122 journal entries to see what I did. Especially not in Tiddlywiki, although I guess I could transclude them all into a single tiddler. But summaries would let me pick out what’s important when it’s closer in memory vs. the end of the year. Then I’d have 12-52 to read.
  • There’s a lot of private stuff that isn’t anywhere.

I like the idea of Tinderbox but I shouldn’t even waste my time watching those videos. I’m not going to buy it. I should just use a private Tiddlywiki or maybe dokuwiki or maybe just a private repo with files in it. Or even…….a real notebook! 📚😵

This evening I watched my friend play unpacked. I don’t even.

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