Tuesday, 21st December, 2021

I started looking at Working Copy again. It is a very nice app for working with git repos on an iPad. However, I don’t really want to do that much development or git writing on my ipad. Github.dev is good enough for this static site, and occasional tweaks.

The new Voigtlander 90mm f/2.8 VM is so good (according to reviews), how could I ever justify a Leica lens…

Sometimes I think about learning R. In fact I wish I’d started with R instead of python. The bulk of what I use it for it data analysis at work. Python gets the job done and there’s the benefit of it being useful in web development or some areas. However, I don’t really use it for other areas - maybe some scripting here and there but nothing major. If you’re doing data work (not necessarily only data science) but the R ecosystem is so much nicer. R itself is more convenient for data stuff but also RStudio, install packages, writing and creating reports, even dashboards and websites. I could still learn it but not sure what the point is. I don’t use it enough at work to make it worthwhile and whilst I’m far from an expert, I do have some knowledge of python and know how to get things done. There’s also the fact that we do have jupyter lab setup which I could use more.

I just like the idea of writing reports in Rmarkdown with the data, code and text all together, and I can regenerate it whenever things change. I hate writing reports in Word. Guess I’ll add it to my list of possible projects.

A friend at work is undertaking a masters degree. I like the idea of doing one, but I don’t have time for that!

Think I want to gitbook like static site to write things in where I want a specific order. Such as monthly summaries or maybe even daily notes. I still like the order of a paper notebook and prefer to find things that way. Maybe sounds peculiar but I like it. Not sure if it should be private or public though. There’s quite a few options out there:

Although it’s just an excuse to build another site rather than adding content to it. Remember you have dokuwiki which can basically do all this plus with private stuff…

There’s also bookstaack, which is a web-app version. Might be nice to use plus has authentication.

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