Friday, 10th December, 2021

Debating about either adding tags to these daily posts, in the vague attempt at helping discoverability and future usefulness or switching it more into a more traditional blog with titles, categories, etc. where posts are about a topic and not a collection of parts. Just writing under a date heading is very easy to do, but not sure it’s any more productive to the world than random chatter on twitter. Another factor is having the wiki and some duplication of the daily journal on that. The problem with changing it all is then I question the very architecture of it, and that risks starting from scratch.

For example, I’m using jekyll because I started off with journal.txt and that was Ruby and Jekyll. Jekyll is also very easy with Github pages. However, Hugo and others are super easy too. Whilst Jekyll is maintained, I can’t help feel it’s 5 years out of date and if I were starting a fresh blog I’d probably pick Hugo.

The one saving grace is that this consumes so much of my brain cycles that I don’t think about buying new cameras. 😅

Ordered my very first DayOne books. I had a browse through the past entries and there were so many things I’d forgotten about. There’s a lot to read and it’ll be nice reading it in a physical book. Does encourage me to continue recording the journal. It’s probably cheaper if I kept the text elsewhere and made my own book but it’s certainly a lot easier through the app. Postage adds a bit as it comes from the US, but it’s not horrible.

I think I’m just going to leave this site as is. There’s better things I can do with my time for now. I might add tags to posts, but keep them hidden and see if they’re useful.

I’ve made a new private tiddlywiki node.js hosted version. Means I can access it anywhere. It’s for private journal both work and home. Going to use it for work stuff too, like highlights and goals and plans. I don’t need it for work content (goes better in OneNote at work as often it’s screenshots of slide decks.) or task management (I prefer that in a physical notebook). However, reflections and a log over the year work well in tiddlywiki. I’ve used it this year to keep track of weekly updates and then consolidate those into quarterly updates for stakeholders, and it’s worked well. Going to keep it pretty simple, but would like some templates or text snippets to help streamline stuff. I’ll add that over time.

Does mean I have a lot of places to write things:

  • This website - daily public notes, semi-organised.
  • The wiki - maybe daily public notes, random thoughts, plus useful wiki-like content
  • DayOne - Private family log
  • New wiki - private journal and work log and info
  • Notebooks - Bujo-like, work related todo, meeting notes, planning etc.
  • OneNote - Work meeting notes (often just screenshots of slides from Teams meetings)
  • Field Notes - notebook that sits on my desk for mostly personal todos or scratch pad
  • TickTick - Started using it for lists of stuff. Like projects or todos or plans

Possibly other minor things like Apple Notes or random apps.

Black and white photo of steel teapot with reflection of several people in it

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