Tuesday, 7th December, 2021

hat could go wrong

Slowly getting there ☝

I wish we used things like git, markdown, wikis and plain text at work for procedures and documentation. Would be so much easier to maintain, update, track changes, find information. But no, it’s a whole bunch of Word documents spread across (at best) SharePoint, a document management tool, and network drives.

Look at this great tool I made in Excel


Friend bought me Valheim and we started a server last night. These survival/crafting games are all the same but the best part is playing with a few friends because of the chat.

I’m liking TickTick for it’s quickness to add stuff. Particularly ideas or longer term things I’d like to do. It’s much quicker than tiddlywiki, maybe similar to Apple reminders but TickTick has the advantage of being cross platform and the website is much better than icloud.com website. Also you can nest tasks and add all sorts of context. I don’t need or use much of it but I like it. Now I just need to actually do things from it!

I’m compiling a list of “projects” I want to do in 2022, in an attempt to actually do something. Thinking of maybe 10-12 items, circa one per month. It’s easy to get carried away and try and do so many things that I give up and do nothing. I was even thinking of having “read xyz” as one. I’ve quite a few non-fiction books that I’ve bought over the years but have never read. Some work, many photography. I might pick a shortlist of them and set those as projects - but read and make notes.

I’ve given up on prose.io. It doesn’t seem to quite work properly (or I’m not understanding it). I’ve found VS Code to be great for this site.

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