Sunday, 5th December, 2021

The wonders

Wife bought me the Analogue Wonderland Wonderbox for my birthday. You get two boxes of films, one now and one in two months’ time. Quite the black and white selection, and possibly some IR films…I’m not sure, will have to look into each one. A nice way to try other things which I wouldn’t normally buy. Put the Delta 3200 in the M2 and will see how that goes.

Did a little configuration and it does make it nice to use. I think there’s some way of dropping in code snippets, so I can use some includes to make use of the other styling I’ve done. Would be nice if the default rendering by jekyll could be changed so I don’t need to resort to includes but I don’t think that’s possible. The create post, create draft, publish workflow is a bit funny but I’ll get used to it. Did think about looking up other jamstack CMSs, like Stasti or

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