Saturday, 4th December, 2021

I’m wondering about just using to add and edit posts on here and skipping journal.txt. Although the text entry box on prose isn’t recognised by iOS as a text entry thing so spelling and autocorrect don’t work. Turns out this is more annoying that I thought.

Actually this is just for iPhone. iPad is slightly better as the suggestions appear at the bottom, so I can correct things as I go, and things like double tap space bar for full stop work. Still doesn’t autocorrect or show spelling errors though. On the iPad there’s a better menu on prose and changing things is more obvious. I guess for my phone I’d have to either visit and edit posts or write somewhere else (Apple notes?) and copy it later. Not ideal, but maybe I shouldn’t bother writing on my phone in the first place.

Been digging into ticktick and it’s pretty feature packed even on the free tier. Lists with sublists (outlines anyone?) means I’m struggling to know what to do with tags. Few people suggested using them for context (like GTD, e.g. #home, #office, #phone etc.) or periods of the day, or this month, next month etc. I quite like the time ones, as I don’t want the specificness of a calendar but would like some time bounding on them. With tags I can just add endless ones and do all sorts. Ticktick even has note entries, and templates. So stuff like weekly summary of work to boss could be a to-do reminder and then a note based off template. Pretty much takes tiddlywiki’s role for that. Other than transclusion and other TW features, but I could see myself using ticktick for it. I don’t like that it’s a service but I do like having native apps on all platforms and a web interface. I’ve not checked but I could probably export the data if I was that worried.

Adding each day manually isn’t that much of a big deal, then least I can set the title properly and not have a weird arrangement to try and get it in the format I want. I just type the date and that takes seconds.

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