Tuesday, 30th November, 2021

I’m amazed how I was super motivated to do this site last night. I do like it, and I much prefer having a static generated site than anything else. Now it feels like a bit of a slog to do the remaining parts. I’m now in that 20% which is going to take 80% of the time! I should make a list of the things I want to complete or figure out:

  • Figure out all the CSS elements and how I add them. e.g. markdown, or includes, or get jekyll to render them
    • That is quite a big one… 😅 Main ones:
    • Full width images
    • Aside images
    • Asides
    • Description lists
    • Quotes
    • Code and syntax highlighting
  • Install syntax highlighting - either jeykll or js plugins
  • Add comments (maybe use utterances on github?) and hide them with <details> section
  • Change header links on main page. Either remove underline or some fancy ::before thing.
  • Maybe a gallery plugin like fotorama.io
  • Image zoom plugin
  • favicon etc. plus <head> things for it all.

Those are probably the essentials or the first round to sort out. Other stuff I’m thinking of:

Adding content
Do I keep using journal.txt? It's simple to enter stuff and I don't have to remember anything. I've hacked the page titles so I ignore them. If I want to do anything further then might need to go. VS Code and Prose.io are the obvious other things to investigate, with plugins/configs etc.

Random stuff:

  • General style tweaks
  • th/st in dates
  • tags for daily posts?


  • Collection for blog posts
  • ?

Testing page

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