Monday, 29th November, 2021

I’d sort of forgotten about this. Thought I’d try writing in it with prose. See how that experience is. The site needs some theming and CSS work badly but until I decide on this is the way to go then I won’t put in the effort.

I’d also wondered about running VS Code web version on my server and editing a static site via that. I suspect there’s a lot of helper plugins or even some shell scripts I could write that I could access from the web. Would make things easy on pretty much all devices. Not sure how it would look on mobile though. I should make my work wiki and get using that. I don’t have to wait for the new year before doing so. Then faff about with this or other sites later. Maybe I’ll read the hugo docs and compare what’s easier/harder and use that as my basis for blog.

I still like dokuwiki’s private vs. public settings within the app without having to have multiple areas. I’m actually thinking tiddlywiki will be better for work and dokuwiki for home? Maybe that’s just an excuse to use everything.

Also found out that prose has features for editing jekyll blogs…I should test this out…

It’s almost the 30th now…but I have managed to setup a reasonable site based on jekyll, the journal.txt generator. There’s a few things I still want to change with the style. Not sure if I want pagination or just limited number of posts. Also don’t like the link CSS for headlines. Need to figure out all my syntax stuff and how I add it into posts. Maybe setup prose as well. VS code is okay but not sure I like it that much for editing this file.

Once that’s done, I should do the static pages, and then consider if I want longer blog post section as well. Oh and a search bar.

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