Saturday, 27th November, 2021

I like editing this text file to add stuff. It’s very easy and I don’t need to remember much. Trying to test out github actions to automate building the posts from this file without me having to do it - means I can use other computers or web editors a lot easier without having to have ruby installed.

Like usual I didn’t read the manual, I just googled it and copied and pasted things and guessed what changed I have to make. When I push this when I’ll see if it really worked.

I’ve found a theme I quite like, although I could just build up this page from scratch. There’s not much I want:

  • All posts’ content on the main page
  • Paginated by maybe a week? 7 posts
  • A small menu somewhere with links to about, books, stuff, elsewhere, etc.
  • Maybe a feed, but I think that’s easy with including a setting.
  • An archives page of every day by month in a long list

The one thing I’m not sure about is ruby. I don’t know it. I don’t know jekyll. Jekyll doesn’t seem that hard but now that I seem to be going along the lines of making it all myself, should I really be using it? It’s nice with Github pages as I literally have to do nothing. This journal.txt gem is mostly what I want, although I’m tempted to make my own, so that I can change things slightly. I’m sure there must be similar scripts in python or something else that people have made. It would be quite a nice thing to make - although seems ridiculous to make my own blog generator…

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