Sunday, 7th November, 2021

A deal for a mATX motherboard almost sucked me into buying a new computer. Mine is old, 3rd gen Ivy Bridge CPU, but it still functions just fine. I still sort of want a Mac, but I also like Linux and value for money. For a while I was very pro-open source software, particularly Operating Systems. I still am but I still use Windows on my main machine. I have decided that when (if) we redo the kitchen, I’ll get an iMac as a family computer. It’s the ideal device for a family area.

Enjoyed some good fireworks this bonfire weekend. I think this year’s was our most efficient ever. Literally as we found ourselves a good spot to stand, the fireworks started.

I tried taking some photos in the dark with the X-T2, and pushed the ISO to 12,800. On the camera’s LCD they looked okay, less so on the monitor. I should print one out and see how it looks. Thought about the monochrom cameras being ideal for this situation. Then remembered the prices.

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