Sunday, 31st October, 2021

A 5.7”, 7 colour e-ink display! Wow, that is nice. A great add to my “projects that sound awesome but I’ll never do” pile.


Happy Hallowe’en!

That’s a lot of checkboxes

If I can jailbreak my kindle, this replacement OS/interface looks to be just what I need to sync highlights automatically. Plus other features.

I shouldn’t read non-fiction in bed before going to sleep. I read things and think this is amazing and I should do something about this. Maybe I highlight it on the kindle. Then I go to sleep and wake up and completely forget about it all. I don’t actually even get the benefits of kindle highlights as I don’t often buy books from Amazon. I buy them elsewhere (or they’re free) and I load them onto the kindle. So the highlights just sit in the text file on the device. Of course I could connect it to the computer, download the file and parse it (there’s probably many scripts online to do this for me already). THEN I could benefit from it. This is never going to happen. If I could ssh or remotely connect to the kindle then I could sync stuff. Perhaps that’s worth some research. Or maybe a different ebook reader is for me. OR maybe I should read non-fiction at another time, but then that conflicts with other stuff I do (like what? What do you do? Watch YouTube videos and browse used cameras+lenses that I don’t need).

The end of daylight savings. Where people with young kids get up at 5am. It’s still the “same time” as yesterday but when the clock says 5 it feels a lot earlier.

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