Friday, 29th October, 2021

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After listening to a python podcast for years, I thought I should branch out and have just started listening to this javascript podcast. I started with this episode about automating everything using node.js. I’d never even consider that it would be possible but it’s intriguing.

The Voigtlander Heliar Classic 50mm f/3.5 VM looks like a nice lens…

But in all seriousness, I’m not buying a new computer for Windows 11. Although I do *wantto buy a new computer. In fact I find it quite curious that I, as a computer aficionado, does actually only have pretty old computers. There’s a few of them about but the youngest is probably the T450s ThinkPad with 5th gen intel. Windows 11 might run on it, but it’s happily running GNU+Linux and my daughter uses it for her school work and so I don’t have to worry about it. The others are 3rd and 4th gen intel cpus. For the past 5-6 years I’ve been “buying a new computer”. The problem is nothing seems right, and I don’t want to buy something that I’ll be annoyed with. It is a little bit of *don’t let perfect is the enemy of goodbut my current computer isn’t actually that slow - they are probably “slow” (benchmarks puts the new Ryzens about 3x the multithreaded performance) but nothing that has become annoying. I suspect if I used a newer computer I’d notice the difference but right now I’m ignorant to it. I used to upgrade my computer frequently, I feel like back (~2000s) then it made a noticeable difference. I also used to play a lot of computer games and so a newer graphics card was always on the menu. I still play a few games but it’s getting less and less often. I’m to the point that I should just not bother with a “gaming” computer as all that happens is I buy a game and then never play it. I like the idea of computer games but I just have no interest anymore. Every so often a few friends will get something and we’ll play it together. That is a lot of fun but mostly as it’s us all chatting together. Sometimes I think about going Apple, although the SSD tax is eye watering, and then I think about all Linux (and very occasionally some maddness over OpenBSD), or just get a laptop and be done with all desktops and computers and make the office a reading and writing room. I can’t quite go without any computer or just iPad but sometimes I feel like the computer takes over too much of my life. But then I’m conflicted as I want to learn programming stuff…so yeah. I’ll just continue window shopping.

What’s a meta? Nothing, why what’s the meta with you?


This PiBox looks awesome, and that tiny screen is so cute 🤩 [Jeff does a video on it](

The compute module 4 has opened up so many options for tiny NASs. The RPi 4 is decent, and think it would be fine for media transcoding - which is my most demanding task. I’d like to replace my current server with a small, SSD only one. Maybe the PI is the answer. Although probably a refurb Lenovo or Dell with a SATA riser and a bunch of SSDs just kicking about inside would be a lot faster, less ARM hassle and maybe even cheaper.

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