Wednesday, 27th October, 2021

Somewhere along the line, I’ve lost the little arrows and the ability to expand or collapse items on my blog… 🤔

Large Format Photography. Source.

Ugh, I’m so behind on things…it’s been about 6 weeks since I updated my hledger journal, and 3 months since I added any photos to my family photo website. One is certainly a lot more interesting than the other.

The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond 🎵

I have 31 pages left in my Leuchtturm1917 notebook. Last week I used 9 pages, this week so far I’m on page 4. At best I can scrape my way to the start of December but not sure I’ll make it to Christmas. Would be nice to end the year in this notebook. Not that I ever go back and look in them, they sit on my desk but I start to forget what was in it and so don’t look. I always start off trying to use the index but often there are 30 page gaps or I just stop. I suppose I’m not making useful entries? I always want to be more organised but find I just get away with remembering things, googling, searching old emails, or flicking back though my current notebook. I have a very small tiddlywiki for work which does work well…when I remember to update it. Yesterday I was all about drummer for work but I’m not sure the tool is the issue. Thinking about an e-ink notebook is an (other vain?) attempt at trying to be more organised. The supernote one has options for tags and table of contents or something, but that’ll still rely on me using them when I write stuff down.

Curly brackets { and } are also known as “curly braces” or simply “braces” (UK and US), “definite brackets”, “swirly brackets”, “birdie brackets”, “French brackets”, “Scottish brackets”, “squirrelly brackets”, “gullwings”, “seagulls”, “squiggly brackets”, “twirly brackets”, “Tuborg brackets” (DK), “accolades” (NL), “pointy brackets”, “fancy brackets”, “M Braces”, “moustache brackets”, “squiggly parentheses”, or “flower brackets” (India). 😅

I also like octothorpes ### Saw this nice looking recipe markup language, and remembered how I want to put all of Granny’s index card recipes onto the computer. Not sure this is what I want though, as I’d rather have a website that everyone can access. Think I have a few projects starred on Github, even Tiddlywiki would work for it, but the bulk of the work is transcribing the index cards into text. Would be nice to have them as plain text files that software can use to generate a site vs. a database.

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