Sunday, 24th October, 2021

Phil could rearrange his bookmarks and spell…BARF 🤣

2 hours, 38 minutes, 54 seconds doesn’t seem too bad for getting going with doom-emacs…🤔

Do you think Dave would put this in Drummer?

No-one knows what an outliner is.

When I’m away, I’m always so good at updating our family journal in DayOne. It’s because I’m not going on my (non-Apple) computer and instead using my iPad or phone so the app is right there. I want to print out our journal from America I kept in it. Only did about 2 years but would be nice to have. Something happened to some of the photos - probably the transition between old and new DayOne apps - but I did take a backup ages ago so they’re on my computer. I just need to go through each one and find the right day…I do have the json or whatever from the export so hopefully the photos are referenced in that and then I can at least skip straight to the right day. Not sure how to do this on my iPad…perhaps a combo of looking up the day on the computer from the journal text and then just adding the picture in the app on iPad. It’s a bit of a chore but would make a good christmas present for my wife. I told myself it would be a good anniversary present but too late for that now. I think DayOne books are from USA, so really need to order it in next couple of weeks. Unless I export pdf and have it printed locally…anyway need to do the photos. I’m also wondering if I should (or need to) edit the text, this will then take a lot longer.

REALM parcels go up for sale this week on Aavegotchi. This should start to make the game an actual game with things to do. At least I’m hopeful of that. Be interesting to see what the land parcels go for. I’ll probably try and get a small. These things it’s best not to convert what you spend into £/$ and keep it as magic internet beans money.

Film ISO fails

* The fun of film is fixing what you get for the next 24/36 shots. I suppose midway rewinds are possible but that’s just asking for trouble. The big choice is colour or black and white and then what ISO. There are other choices too but these are the main ones for me. ISO 400 is generally a good one for me as it let’s me just get away with f/1.4-f/2 with 1/60s indoors and outdoors it’s fine on overcast days. If it’s sunny then it would be nice to make use of (generally) finer grained ISO 200 or ISO 100 films. Gives the photos a smooth, crisp look. The problem is you don’t always know what you’re going to be shooting, how many frames you’ll use and how reliable the weather forecast is. A professional will mitigate these issues with multiple bodies or backs and probably take more photos than I would. This weekend was a particularly bad *series of unfortunate events*, and I was all over the place.
* I’ve been wanting to try some different black and white stocks, and had some cheap Kentmere 400. I’d also brought some Kodak ColorPlus (again cheap!) which is ISO 200. The B&W was loaded first before we left and it was a beautifully sunny day. I used a whole roll without resorting to pointless shots, which is always nice, and didn’t bother loading another as we were about to leave. To be organised, I decided to load the ISO 200 colour film that night ready for the next day. Oh, how grey and dull and dark is was, even outside! Trying to take pictures at 1/50s f/1.4, or trying 1/30s knowing that there’s going to be movement. Clearly a flash or other light source would be helpful but I don’t have one that works with my film camera. Down at f/1.4 is also pushing my focusing when everyone is running around. Oh how I wished I’d waited until the morning to load the film…there’s a lesson for me…I could’ve pushed the film but I’m not confident cheap ColorPlus would handle that very well. I managed to use up the roll, maybe something can be salvaged from it.

* So back to another roll of Kentmere for the next day. It was more mixed in weather, plus I knew I’d be taking some photos inside. I’d also brought my digital camera and it’s easy to forget that it can easily push ISO 6,400 before it looks bad and in B&W ISO 12,800 even looks nice. Around the house it was 2500-3000 ish. So when I switch back to ISO 400, I realise this is still going to be tricky. So I decided I’ll meter it for ISO **1600**! +2 stops. Am I mad? The cheap stock pushed two stops?! Only one way to find out…We shall see how that goes. However, at 1600 I now have plenty of latitude and can start closing that aperature down a bit. So everything’s great…

lochlomond * We then decide to go out to Loch Lomond and the clouds part and the sun comes streaming out. Which is lovely for the kids and everyone to enjoy it, but for me I’m now at f/16 and topping out on shutter speed on my camera! The scenery is of course beautiful and the autumn colours aren’t quite the same in black and white! Oh well!

* On my digital camera, I was trying out some new fujifilm simulation settings - trying to get to just one colour and one black and white that I use 99% of the time to make it easier to decide - and the B&W one is way too bright on the highlights. Maybe I could’ve turned the exposure compensation down but it was only +1/3 or +2/3 at most. So now I either accept or delete a lot of those photos, or go and reprocess the raws.

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