Tuesday, 19th October, 2021

Fuji Film Simulations

I think it’s time I worked out my own ones. It’s only been 4 years of using Fuji and I’m yet to do it. Mostly just taken ones from online, such as Fujix weekly’s, or other random places. Right now I have two that I use a lot, and two others that I occasionally use but then like them when I remember. The other 3 are just entries I have to jog over to get to what I want. I should also order them in how I want to use them. E.g. top is favourite colour, then favourite B&W, and last another favourite (as my custom button means I can press it then up or down to get to another custom settings).

The tethered FujiFilm X raw studio should be useful for this but requiring tethering is a bit of a pain. Last time I tried it got upset and stopped working or something equally frustrating. It does help me get the image on the big screen so I can see if Shadows needs another -1 or whatever.

Classic chrome is generally my favourite colour simulation, although sometimes it’s a little grungy for family photos. The classic neg in the newer camera models looks a bit nicer but I’m not buying a newer model for a film simulation. The newer models do offer more customisation though…I’ll wait for the X-T5/6 to be released then maybe it’ll be time to get the X-T3 (assuming it has what I’m looking for). Acros is by far my favourite black and white.

Trying out 27mm (eq.)

The lens focuses fast enough for me and my kids. Yes, it’s not the fastest lens but I’m not getting annoyed with it. It is my first day with it but enjoying it inside and outside.

Wondering if I should subscribe to smugmug or flickr or none…I wish Apple did more with Photostream web albums.

Film data imprinting

Several cameras offer the ability to imprint data on the film, such as time, date, but more interestingly is shutter speed and aperture. Most do it via a special back. I don’t want it on the photo (and I don’t want date/time) but between them.

The tricky part is finding available backs.

Minolta Dynax/Maxxum 7 has a data recorder on the camera. So no imprinting but saved for later retrieval via the menus. I guess that’s something, but I’d have to remember to write it out. Fortunately it saves 7 films so in my typical batch of 3-4 for development should be fine.

Gary helps explain why I want a 7.

I never use twitter (I did back in 2010 or something but then deleted my account after a few years). Sometimes I think I’m missing out but I don’t care.

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