Monday, 18th October, 2021

Analogue WonderLab

* I ordered 2x B&W film development and scanning from [Analogue Wonderland]( They had a 20% off promo that ended last night. Even with the promo filmdev is cheaper for C-41.

* If I had my own scanner then it might be worthwhile as you can do £6 development then scan myself, and that includes postage.

* Eventually I’ll develop my own black and white. Not sure about colour.

* Also started browsing black and white film stocks….there’s quite a lot which could be fun.

Sometimes I think about going all in with Apple: Macs, iPads, iCloud, Watch, Apple One subscription, AppleTV. Replace everything in the house with Apple. Think it would all work well but a lot of eggs in one very expensive basket.

I actual lol’d

Still not sure where this site fits. It definitely doesn’t take over Tiddlywiki. It might take over my blog, but it’s a different type of blogging. It’s more like the short posts I do on the blog vs. the long ones. However, this blog would most likely be much more active that my current one. I could also capture the long posts that I want categorised in the wiki. OR I could keep both TW and the blog and add this as another blogging site. I’m thinking as my home domain, That way I can still link to the blog for longer stuff I want to add (which I should also just make copies of in the wiki - or in fact draft them in the wiki) and then have the wiki for random gibbering, plus wiki stuff and then this as a slightly more refined blog/home page. I might tweak the index.html to have “an about” at the top. It’s quite the all-in mode but this is a much better static gen site than I used to have and whilst I do like my novelty css landing page, it’s a little pointless. hmm have to think about it some more.

No new mac mini. Possibly good for me as, if I do buy one, I’ll find a decent deal on the existing….unless I want 16GB RAM…

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