Sunday, 17th October, 2021

Decided (for now) instead of a GRiii(x), I should get a 18mm lens for Fuji. The f/1.4 is nice but pricey and big, so sprung for the older 18mm f/2. It’s tiny, light and has a cool square metal lens hood (that makes your photos look better). It gets a lot of hate online but most likely (a) it’s fine, (b) I won’t be able to tell. It’ll be my Q2 😅

Fuji Portrait Lens

* I’m interested in also getting the 60mm f/2.4 macro lens too. Another (according to the internet) a runt of the Fuji litter. I don’t have anything fast in the range 50-90mm on APS-C. The macro feature tempts me for film scanning. The alternatives are the 50mm f/2, nice little lens, 56mm f/1.2, the classic portrait lens and that f/1.2 but big, the 90mm f/2, appears to be the “best” lens ever but even bigger, then 80mm macro, supposedly the best macro but also massive.

    * Oh and the 50mm f/1.0 🤑

* Whilst I want the 56mm, I’m not sure I’d really use it that much, and probably better getting the 50mm f/2 for speed, weight and WR. Of course the 56mm is supposed to have *character*. The 60mm is virtually same weight as 50mm f/2 and will have more compression with a bit longer plus, again, the macro function.

It was funny reading Dave describe his perfect app that he wants. I feel like I’m pretty much there with Tiddlywiki hosted on github pages (or a self hosted nodejs would work). It’s not a native app, it’s a web app but it works perfectly on phone and tablet.

The Ricoh GR iii is £750 new. GRiiix is £900 new. £150 for 40mm vs 28mm.

  • Drummer Pros

    • This site is much more convenient for entering text throughout the day, and also just for general rearrangement of text. Images are a little more time consuming to setup, bit like how TW was before that uploader plugin, so not a huge deal. Plus most of the time I don’t bother with images. Although I do like the little right aligned ones people drop in.

    • It’s nice having other outliner files just here for private or draft stuff too. Or even just commenting out sections for later if I don’t finish them in time.

      • There’s probably a lot more to the “environment” that I’ve not realised yet.
    • When I was looking for a static generator and a web based editor system, this is what I was looking for.

    • I like the linklog, doesn’t need explanation.

  • Tiddlywiki Pros

    • Seamless transition between journal entries and a wiki.

      • There’s more scope to join things together over time
    • Search built in on the website

      • Drummer’s search is on the editor not the website.
    • Entirely self-hosted and git managed

    • Mature, and big community with lots of support/plugins etc.

      • Not that I use many but things like uploader plugin are community developed
    • The text editing is more straightforward, but maybe I’ve just not got used to drummer yet.

    • I quite like a tiddler a day, although outliner mode of drummer means I can close off days/months easily.

    • I can use it quite easily on my phone. Drummer is not great on my phone.

  • Conclusion

    • I’m not sure today. It can’t replace the wiki but how should I use them together. Duplicate info? TW is just for me and drummer is for the world (so more polished?) Drummer could take the place of my blog, and maybe that’s the best thing.

    • So then where should it sit in my the domain structure?

Decisions on web logging

* [Jack]( - I think the ordering during a day only matters if you update yourself. e.g. trying to fix x at 10am. 6 hours later “I found the solution”. Then in time order makes more sense. Of course with an outliner style (vs. TW) you can always just do a new level underneath. Personally speaking, I like the idea of it being in the order of the day for when I go back and look at it and remember that day. I suppose it’s easy to do with just reordering levels.

* Writing this makes me wonder if a “conversation” section of the day makes sense - bit like how you started tagging things with conversation.

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