Tuesday, 14th September, 2021

I wanted to sit outside this evening and write in the wiki but it’s too cold. It’s nice to get away from the computer. I probably have some bad habits that are triggered by sitting down at the computer - YouTube videos, general time wasting. Sitting somewhere else helps break them.

Again with another evening (yesterday) of faffing with Hugo but not actually getting anywhere. I also had a detour into ikiwiki, wondering if I should just use that. I have an instance of it setup mostly for when I think about using it I can switch to it and just mess about with it. I get hung up on tiny details, imagining scenarios (that’ll probably never happen) which xyz theme or config can’t solve. When I went to bed I thought about binning everything except this wiki.

Well I finally made a decision….My “normal” blog is now officially on ikiwiki.

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